Small Business ($500k-$3m)

High level business support

Systemize and Scale

Be seen and heard everywhere

Lead your team to success

ME Elite is specifically designed for the advanced business owner who is ready to propel forward in an accelerated pace. You are at a phase where you are ready to grow your business and multiply

your income, but you can’t make this happen on your own. You need to learn to systemize, automate and delegate so that your business expands. You need to leverage your time, energy and offerings within a business model that supports you as the CEO. This level is for you if you are in the high 6-Figures to 3 Million range. The ME Elite program, you receive everything that we offer in the ME Preferred Program plus more Coaching/Consulting and Accountability to ensure implementation in your business. This is an accelerated level of coaching for established business owners that are ready to leverage their business for even more income and personal freedom. You will receive advanced training and strategic coaching/consulting in:

  • Revenue Stream Development and expansion
  • Online and Offline Marketing
  • Sales Strategy and Training
  • Time management
  • Hiring and Team Building
  • Systemizing and Automating
  • Leadership and more…

We will keep you focused and on track to complete the steps in your weekly coaching sessions. The ME Preferred Curriculum is delivered via the McAvoy Enterprises Online Software and Webinars featuring detailed step-by-step training, along with continuous opportunities for all members to ask questions and receive powerful coaching from Patrick McAvoy weekly.