Small Business ($50k-$500k)

Get focused to reach your goals

Attract your ideal customers

Systematize your business

Manage your time efficiently

Greatly increase your Revenue

The ME Preferred program is for business owners that are in the earlier growth phase of their business. This level is for you if you are in the $50,000 to $500,000 range of your business. As a ME Preferred Member, you will receive the highest level of coaching, consulting, and mentoring to ensure you experience dramatic financial and personal growth all year long. With consistent support month after month, get ready to surpass your goals with more clarity, momentum and passion than ever before. The ME Preferred Program are for those business owners truly ready for big growth.

  • Revenue Stream Development and expansion
  • Online and Offline Marketing
  • Sales Strategy and Training
  • Time management
  • Hiring and Team Building
  • Systemizing and Automating
  • Leadership and more…

We will keep you focused and on track to complete the steps in your monthly coaching sessions. The ME Preferred Curriculum is delivered via the McAvoy Enterprises Online Software and Webinars featuring detailed step-by-step training, along with continuous opportunities for all members to ask questions and receive powerful coaching from Patrick McAvoy.